In the NEET-UG Entrance Examination Physics contributes 25 percent of the total Marks. That is 180 out of 720 which is constituted of 45 questions.

Physics Marks for NEET-UG decides your rank and can help you reach the top one percent of the students appearing for the Examination.

Concepts for Physics will take multiple times of revisions and practice sessions. A fully guided video lecture will help a lot better in person. Although for the practice questions there are multiple books. NEET-UG Physics Questions aren't practically that difficult its just the same concept asked in a twisted manner. The best way to solve the question is to get used to them.

Studying multiple variant of similar questions will help understanding the pattern of questions and ultimately help you to solve them with ease.

However certain concepts might get difficult to understand from the NCERT Textbooks that are asked in the Examination. To do such we need some concept building books to help us get the material for theory and practice books to implement the concepts. The most suggested books for Practicing Questions for NEET-UG Physics are Referred below. Remember it is better to practice from "one book ten times rather than ten books one time."

Check the following books by clicking.

  1. Concepts of Physics Vol I

  2. Concepts of Physics Vol II


  1. Objective Physics for NEET Vol 1

  2. Objective Physics for NEET Vol 2

Both of these books are very well structured and organised, but it depends on student to student to understand the concepts from either of them. It will be very time consuming and is not recommended to study from both of the books. Decide to study only two volumes from the same Author.

Now if you already have a teacher who is teaching you in person or you are referring to a lecture series online. It is highly advised to gain the concepts from them and only practice more and more questions.

Check the practice questions materials that are recommended.



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